I have read a lot of posts where people recommend going No Contact after a break up. Most of the time I read this when the girl said to the guy "I need a break to figure out how I feel and if we should be together." Usually the girl says at first she doesn't want to date other people but usually does so later on. My question is does going NC work at getting the person back?

No Contact works by making them miss you and realize what it is to be without you in their life. They start to feel the void and begin to wonder what you are up to since you aren't their puppy dog any more. You actually start to get some of your balls back. I know the thinking is that you start working on healing yourself in case they don't come back. And maybe by the time they do come back you don't want them anymore. I also know that telling them how much you want them back and how much you care about them will only push them further away.

But does No Contact actually work at getting the person back?