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    Feb 12, 2013, 08:29 PM
    Do I stay or do I move on ?
    I started speaking to her online for a long time and we got very close.she told me everything about her and we instantly clicked and had a deep connection.
    We met up she instantly liked me a lot and we made it official we were together.. then I met her again and she eventually told me she loves me and I eventually let it slip out of my mouth that I love her too..
    We had beautiful times together I did everything I could for her when times where tough for her I support her and got her through things smiling.. I fell in love with her deeply I proposed to her and she told me yes..
    Then eventually we kept meeting up and everything was going great then we started getting into arguments over minor things and eventually she stopped speaking to me as much becoming distant claiming it was because of problems in her she wanted to be alone..
    She broke up wiv me telling me she didn't want this nomore.. I was very hurt and it cut me deep I couldn't let her go we has of talked of marriage before.. I eventually got her back by speaking to her and I saw her for a little while when she was going through a lot it was nice she was smiling and she left and told me she loves me..
    Then she became very distant again hardly speaking to me for a whole week telling me she needs space she's going through a lot I tried to contact her a lot thinking I can help her but she didn't allow me to talk to her..
    Eventually we spoke she told me she doesn't want this anymore she don't want a relationship I left it..
    Then I spoke to her again and she told me there is no spark anymore and she claims she wants to move on even though she will happily have a conversation wiv me.. confusingly enough we were having a good conversation about other things..
    Is the spark gone because of the problems she was going through and the distance she created or isit because she never truly loved me for who I was ? Is there a way to salvage what we have ?
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    Feb 12, 2013, 10:49 PM
    Heyy hun it'll be all right promise girls we do this sometimes and hun don't let little things like that bring you down and it may be just her we never know that's why I broke up with my fiancÚ a lot I was getting suicidal and deppressed and I didn't want him to go through the same thing I tried to make it seem like I moved on but I couldn't we are together now and we have a baby but she will come back when she gets things striaghtened out don't worry be happy because every little thing is going to be all right and bob marley was right so keep your head held high OK

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