So my boyfriend and I were together for 2 years, talked about marriage, children, I met his entire family plus extended family.. everything you could ask for in a relationship we had for a year and half. Then a dark day came and he told me that he wanted a break. It had nothing to do with me, but he was unsure about how he was feeling and didn't feel like he truly knew who he was. So we took a break, but it only lasted a week because he missed me too much, we were truly two peas in a pod best friends. So after that, for 6 months our relationship was a rollercoaster.. one week he's caring affectionate, tells me how much he missed me when we weren't together, then other times he would disappear for a week and come back like everything is OK. I knew that it wasn't, but I kept thinking give him his space and he'll eventually get out of the funk. Well, after our two year anniversary we broke up. Said that his head just isn't into being in a relationship right now and he needs to time to figure himself out. Its been almost 3 months that we have been apart. We've only talked twice and he suggested maybe hanging out. I said OK for now, but not sure if it's a good idea. His friends have told me that he misses me terribly and that he truly just needs time, there is no other girl or interest in other girls. What is best to do so that we may hopefully get back together?