Hey all, thanks for the advice over the past day or so, anways I'll keep it simple LOL. My girlfriend went out to hang with her friend this evening. Her friend has two kids and doesn't get to go out much at all. That's cool with me of course as I respect freedom. Anyway, later at night, we spoke before she went to bed as usual, cool. Normal conversation. Just I figured to ask her did she have fun. So I said "did you have fun?" Normal question right? and she did answer it but her speaking and sentence style changed in a way that maybe there was more to it. She replied "Yes I had fun, yea I got a lot of sleep yesterday, boy I was so tired from work and all my schoolwork". I didn't break conversation flow at all in the converstation, but I thought to myself that the way she answered that question seemed odd, she said yes I had fun, then skipped to yesterday? What the hell is that? LOL funny as hell just as you all may see, lol. But for real, what are your opinions on her change of subject and speaking style. I am giving her plenty of breathing room as you all have advised me to, this topic is just between me and you guys, LOL And its not a trust issue at all here, I just thought it was funny to share, about the way men and women talk to each other, and MAYBE SOME OF YOU HAVE A SIMILAR STORY, IF SO PLEASE SHARE, HEHEHEH! By the way we have been happy together, and she wasn't out late either she was home by 11:30 and I had talked to her prior when she called me around 10.. Thanks all..