My daughter has just cut me out of her life. This is really unbearable, especially so as it was the night before she went into labour, giving birth to a little girl. She has compounded this by not sending me any photographs and has even defacebooked me so that I cannot access any pictures of the baby, which I think is incredibly spiteful. She has asked me to apologise for 'my behaviour' which leaves me astounded.

I sat for hours making her wedding dress and relining a moses basket for her baby, all of which is taken for granted.

I feel she has been spoilt far too much all through her life, especially by her father who would side with her when I reprimanded her. Friends are shocked and many have said she is a 'little madam' and to leave her until she grows up a little.

She was a kind of only child with half brothers, 13 and 16 years older than herself that moved out of her life in their early 20s. This is one of the main reasons for her behaviour as she is jealous of my relationship with them. She has also married a man of 61 (she is 25) which has caused problems between both families.

I really don't know how to deal with this situation and any suggestions would be welcome.

As my granny said 'when they're little they break your arms - when they are grown up they break your heart' How true are her words.