I have this crush you could say on a neighbor of mine who is indeed married with 2 children and I've known them for years, 9 to be extact. Ive always looked at her as a beautiful successful women. Ive had the urge recently to compliment her about the way she looks. She is 36 but doesn't look a day over 25. More and more I want to tell her that she's a very attractive woman because she brings up occansionaly that she's "getting up there" but that's typical for a woman I'm very close to the family.  I'm confused at movements she makes and sometimes wonder if she's trying to throw signals, I know it sounds ludacris but things she does such as lay on the couch in a suducive way with a leg up on the top of the back cushion part and the other knee bent outwards giving somewhat teasing view at what she's got. Other things are hand draped between her legs sometimes with a hand movements every now and then. Recently I became suspecious that maybe I was intruding on "family time" and was quite nervous to ask but did today and she said I shouldn't be and if I had anything at all to say I should just blurt it out. Should I reasure her that she's still got that look or should I try and get it off my mind please help I feel as if a load is on my chest and I feel as if I tell her it will relieve that load.
But I don't know
Would she be offended or uncomfortable around me from that day on? I need some advice please help.