I caught my boyfriend sexting some chick and am very confused on how sexting works. There were explicit things said, like "i really liked doing _____" and "did you like it when I ____"
It made it sound like it really happened. He says that it was just a fantasy thing and that nothing ever physically happened (even though the sexting had happened before)
He is realizing how messed up this was and is begging for my forgiveness and saying that it will never happen again.
Couple things:
A: Is this how sexting goes? You pick a fantasy like it really happened and go from there? Even though it never actally happened.
B: Should I believe him when he says nothing happened physically?
C: Should I really believe this won't happen again?
Also a little background on us:
We've been together 1 1/2 years and have already had other trust issues because he is a musician and around women a lot.
I'm feeling so incredibly hurt, disgusted and taken for granted.
Please help!