Hey guys, I don't want to make this super long because I know you won't read it. So I'll cut straight to the chase. I'll list them as Girl A and Girl B to keep their identity private.

There is two girls I like. Girl A I met a few weeks ago, I kind of helped her out of a bad relationship and apparently she fell for me during that time. I was just trying to be a friend but it seems she thinks its developed into more than that during that time. I kind of like her too but its only been a few weeks so I can't exactly say I'm head over heels for her yet.

The other girl. Girl B. Is my ex from about 6 months ago. We broke up because we had poor communication between each other and we were drifting apart. So I made it easier on both of us and just ended the relationship early. I hadn't talked to her in 6 months but all of a sudden she comes back. Texts me and calls me and we start talking again.

Just a few days after girl A telling me she wanted to get into a relationship. Girl B tells me she wants to get back into a relationship with me. Now I've got problems on my plate and I can't decide. I told them both lets just be friends because, to be honest I felt un attatched to both of them and didn't want to hurt anyone. Telling them if we just were friends seemed to make it worse. So I'm back where I started basically.

I'll list some pros and cons of each girl. I'm 18 by the way.

Girl A:
I've known her for a couple of weeks
She's 18
No kids
Sweet,kind and caring and seems really genuine. I've told her if I was ugly if she would still like me. She said it was all about personality which she is attracted to mine. So looks is just a bonus
Never been engaged or anything

Girl B:
Ex from about 6 months ago(we only lasted like a month anyway)
She's 22
Has a kid
She says she really cares for me but I'm not sold on that. She wants me to let her love me again and all that jazz.
Used to be a stripper(lol I know)
Has been engaged before and almost married
She's told me straight up. If I was ugly or a fence post. She wouldn't be going out with me. She doesn't want to be embarresed with someone in public.. all my friends tell me this girl is a beeyotch. She calls herself one too sometimes. I already know but I still can't just ignore her for some reason. Maybe I'm thinking about like.. what if?

I know I should probably pick girl A because girl B has a kid. I'd have to change my life around and help be a dad for a kid that's not even mine but its not even that big a deal to me really. I know I could be a good father figure to him. Maybe I'm too young to get into the mess with the girl that is 22 though. She does seem like she's experienced a lot more stuff than I have. Like being engaged, and some other stuff that isn't that great.. to bring home to mamma.