My girlfriend of 14 months broke up with me over 2 weeks ago. I am not getting into the reason why- but she was very confused and regretted doing it. The weekend after she broke up with me she had sex 3 times with her friend... After she broke up with me he woke up and realized he liked her and made it known- and of course my girlfriend got all excited cause someone liked her and so she felt a strong connection. My ex's best friend brought this guy into her group of friends cause she met him at a college night class. I am 22- my ex is 21 and this guy is 28, almost 29 and it freaks me out she slept with someone that old.

During the week after the break up I did No Contact- but she kept texting me late at night telling me she loves me and is confused... cause she didn't know what she wanted- her friends telling her to leave me, her family telling her to stay, she wasn't listening to her heart. WE ended up hanging out 3 days in a row- on one occasion having sex- and then she kept saying she wants to be with me but is just confused. We talked briefly everyday after that- but 18 days after we break up she is dating this Kevin guy- who he himself a couple months ago just got out of a 3 year relationship. My ex says she did not leave me for him, she just said there is a strong connection and she can't ignore it- and she wants to be friends with me and to know that I will always be in her heart... blah blah -

But she had the decently to tell me she is dating this guy now ( nothing official) and all I told her is that I am happy for her if she is truly happy cause I care for her and told her to know that I am always here for her.

So I am moving on with my life... but is this a clear sign of a rebound? I am vanishing myself from her life and if she contacts me again she will. Everyone is telling me what she has right now won't last and she will be running back to me in the end... but I don't know

I forgot to mention my ex tells me she has been looking at my Facebook everyday to see what I am up to- so to me it shows she does still care about me...