Hi please advise me what to do and what are my chaces... anyway this is the story I love this girl I was seeing this girl for 5 months and we really become very good friends.On 1st April as we know that we call it "APRIL FOOL". At that day I decided to make her fool and to find out that she really care about me or not, nyway I called her and I told her that today I went to hospital and I found out that my reports are positive and I suffering from blood cancer.when she heard that she really got shocked and start weeping on the phone and I was listning her voice that she was telling me that it can't be happening and nothing would happened to me she was weeping so hard that I was shocked than she told me that she is not in condition to talk with me more on the phone so she told me that she will talk with me tomorrow.when she call me next day I told her that I made her fool. At first she got really happy and than she told me that I'm happy that there is nothing wrong with me than she disconnect the call. Next day I called her at her home and I found that she was totally changed and rude with me and said to me that she don't want to talk with me anymore and also don't wantnay relationship with me. I apologize to her that I'm sorry and that was just a joke and nothing else but she didn't listen.anyway I tried my best and continuously I apologized to her and told her that I didn't meant to hurt her but she was really rude and after a week when she remains rude I told her that OK if you want me to not to talk to you than OK I will do it the same way as you told me and from me it also finishes.I thought that if I said this to her and stop talking to her than she will at least think about me and she will communicate with me.now what I have to do tell me whatto do cause I really love her tell me please can I have her back and how can I make her realize that I was really ashamed of that and I won't do this again because she didn't even want to talk to me. Tell me good people what to do.