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    Nov 11, 2015, 05:14 AM
    Bye, love you from an ex boyfriend.
    I am aware that this kind of question has been asked million times by a lot of people but I am still puzzled now.

    Since this summer my ex boyfriend started contacting me again 2 years after the breakup via skype chat. I was so surprised but we just write to each other really normal bur cordial. But since 2 weeks ago he started saying that he remembers how beautiful I am to him or something similar like that.
    Last week we were also chatting and before he went offline he wrote me "bye love you" which made me a heart attack.

    Then I asked him what he means and he would answer me "that's completely normal. Can't someone say that?"

    For me personally, "love" is a strong word and cannot be used or taken lightly. I explained also to him that I wouldn't use that word unless I really mean it. However he remains silent; no answer.

    I know this is just a little ridiculous thing but I am so shocked how he thinks that saying something like that is "normal".

    Can anybody relate to what he thinks/says?
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    Nov 11, 2015, 06:24 AM
    What he is saying, really, I lost all my other girlfriends, I am lonely now, and you would be better than no body, at least till I can find someone new again.

    Obviously love is just a word to him,
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    Nov 11, 2015, 09:23 AM
    Or maybe he really means it, misses her, and wants to be with her. We will never truly know, will we?

    He may have love for you from the past , and wants to ignite the passion that you both have lost. Then again he might be bored, and trying to play mindgames with you. If you are interested in getting back together with him, then do that. Otherwise my best advice is to leave it be and stop talking to him.
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    Nov 11, 2015, 09:49 AM
    Then I asked him what he means and he would answer me "that's completely normal. Can't someone say that?"
    He explained it as being a normal thing to say. Leave it at that and don't over react. For many it's just a term of endearment, even if it's not for you. Possibly you misinterpret his "intention"?
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    Nov 12, 2015, 10:15 PM
    Love isn't what you say, love is what you do.

    I hear all the time things like, 'love ya' or 'love' or even 'love you', but in all cases it is pretty obvious the 'love' is an endearment, or an affectionate term meaning your company was enjoyed at the barbecue, or your thoughtful gesture with flowers and a visit to a friend in the hospital, made their day tolerable.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

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