We've been dating for over 5 years. We have always been a couple who fights and argues a lot about stupid things, but we love each other and work things out eventually. We've talked about getting married for a long time but decided not to do it until we were both had more stable lives as we're both still in school finishing graduate school. We wanted a nice wedding and all that and couldn't afford it. We did move in together because we decided we didn't need to be married to see ourselves as married. We've talked about our future plans after school ends. Up until a few weeks ago, we had been talking about getting married, buying a house, etc. Once we moved in together the fights became more about living together than anything else. We had a fight recently and he said he needed to think about things. He said he still loved me but he needed to think. A week later, he told me it was over. He said it so calmly. He said he needed to move out. I told him that maybe living together wasn't a good idea and maybe we could work it out if we stopped living together. He said it was over and that's it, and that he didn't love me anymore. That he's been feeling like he doesn't want to be with me forever for over a year now. Except, just a few weeks before the break up, he was talking marriage and a future. He was planning our next trip for the following year. A few days before the break up he said he still loved me. He told me it was easy to break up with me and he was very calm during the whole thing. He doesn't seem upset at all. What's going on here?