I am new to this site and very pleased to have found it. I thought I was alone in my feelings and now see that I'm not so would really appreciate some advice please.

I been with my man for 3 years, we have both been married before and there wasn't much of a break before we got together, however we took it pretty slow at first and our relationship flourished.
We get along really well together, going out dancing, meals, walking or just spending time doing 'sudoko'. So we enjoyed everything together including deep 'life' conversations.
We are also quite selfish, perhaps because of our marriages and not wanting to be taken for granted. Quite set in our ways I suppose. We both own our own properties and both have children, although my 3 live with me and he doesn't see his very often.
He has commented on my 4 year old son's behaviour a few times and whilst on holiday last year he left us to go to the beach (not returning unitl the evening.. ) because my son was "so intolerable"
I have my son's behaviour being assessed at the moment (it seems that he is struggling to come to terms with my divorce and misses his Daddy, also starting school and my parents emigration, so lots of change in a young life)
On new years eve he had another go about it and I got very upset and thought that he would be more supportive.
I didn't see him all week after that and just brief telephone calls and text messages.
When I asked him what was wrong he said that he was hurt by the things I had said, I told him that any mother worth her salt would defend her child.
We got off the phone and I received a text fom him saying "lets call it a day"
I couldn't believe it.. all that time and I get 'dumped by text'
I decided to be an adult and whilst I didn't want to speak to him, I sent him an email explaing how I felt. I told him I still loved him too and was willing to talk but if not then hopefully we could still be friends.
This was last Saturday and I haven't heard anything since and I am devastated.
I cannot sleep and have taken today off work. I cannot eat properly, just biscuits and crisps.
I want to speak to him but then think "why should I?" he is being the child.
I thought I meant more to him than this and can't believe that we have broken up over this, but I feel that you only get one shot as a parent and my child is very vulnerable at the moment and needs me more.
Sorry for being long.
Thanks for any advice