I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 16 months now and things just donít seem right anymore. We never fight because he won't talk about things, his way of settling something is to stop talking to me. This makes me upset and drives me crazy because I don't know what's going on inside his head.

When he doesn't talk to me it makes me cry, and then my family gets worried. Everyone in my family says I should break it off with him because he doesn't make me feel special anymore. It upsets me because they try and get involved in something they have no control over; they just don't understand I love him, no matter how upset he makes me I could never face losing him. I would die if anything ever happened to us.

And you see Iím scared to talk to him because I don't want him to get mad at what Iíve said and dump me, but now Iím sick of tip toeing around his feelings, because it's getting to the point where I cry constantly about the way he makes me feel.