I've been with my fiancé for two years. For the past few months he has been going crazy with asking my questions about my past. He asks me very detailed questions that I don't feel comfortable answering. He asks me how many people I have been with, where I had sex, how old I was when I had sex, he wants me to compare his penis to other penis' I have seen. I have told him some people I have dated and some of the intimate things I have done with these people and he uses it against me. For example he knows I've had sex with someone in a car but he has not. He knows I've had a friend that I just fooled around with but didn't date. He says he didn't know I was that kind of girl, or, no one ever wanted to do those things with me, and you won't even. The thing is, I do things with this man I have never imagined doing with others. I tell him I am not answering these questions and he gets mean.
So one day I left to my parents house for the evening just to get a break from all the questioning. The next thing I know is I am getting a phone call from EMS stating my fiancé is in the hospital. I get there and find out he took two bottles of his anti depressants. He was a mess. I have the horrible images etched in my head.
I stayed by his side and I blamed myself for his actions. I sill believe if I didn't leave and I just answered his questions about my past, he wouldn't have done this.

A few weeks later I found out that my fiancé was talking to some random girl on Facebook and gave her his phone number and had plans to meet up with her. I packed and was ready to leave. He convinced me to stay.. I did, only if he changed his phone number and deleted his facebook( I don't have Facebook because henwouldnquestion people on my friends list, so I deleted it.). He changed his number but not his Facebook saying he just kept forgetting. My brother tells me a few days later my fiancé added my brothers ex girlfriend and was talking to her about how he was "bored". And she asked him for his number. My fiancé claimed he wanted to talk to her to try and get me back when I was planning to leave. I believed him and stayed, and took his side against my brothers. A few days after my brother tells me his ex told him my fiancé and her slept together. My fiancé said no they didn't and he couldn't because he loves me too much. I believed him, kind of do. My dad doesn't want to walk me down the aisle and has threatened to take his money back for the wedding. My brother hates my fiancé but I continue to stay..

Today he asked me about a guy I was friends with in high school who I fooled around with. He asked me when and why, and if I stayed friends with this person. I wouldn't answer him. I have told him this story before a few times. And I don't think it benefits our relationship to ask these questions. He went on to tell me I was a bad lay, he would find it somewhere else, him giving his number out was not my business because it's his past, and if he contacts his ex it's OK because that was the past... he apologized for what he said but still asks me about my past... I don't know what to do anymore.