My boyfriend wants to break up. We have been dating over two years in a very serious relationship. Now all of sudden he decides he wants space. I'm trying to give it to him but it is just so hard. We have broken up 3x' in the last month but I finally decided to make it final. I will not cry anymore or force him to get back with me like the last 2x's we have broken up. He also may have a slight gambling problem and he just lost his job two weeks ago. He says that he doesn't want a girlfriend and is constantly worrried about money and that he cannot even afford a girlfriend right now. I will admit that I can be annoying but he needs to learn how to communicate. In the beginning he was so in love with me. He wanted to spend all his time with and once we were even on the phone for 7 hrs. after we had hung out. I use to be the one who needed my space but now I am so in love with him that I don't want anyone else. The last and final time we had broken up this mo. Was because I went to Atlantic city without telling and when I finally told him, when I came back he told me he cannot take this aggrevation and broke up with me. The reason I didn't tell him is because I knew he would get upset. I never cheated on him though. After we broke up we hung out like 6x's and one of them was for his birthday. But he keeps saying he doesn't know what he wants. My question is this what can I do? Do you think we will get back together or I just move on?