My boyfriend said he wants a break from the relationship but he says that he still loves me. He told me that he's not happy with the relationship but he doesn't want to break up with me. Lately we have been having some issues with the relationship. We've always been open about how we felt and so fights don't last long. He knows where I stand in this situation because I tell him how much I love him and I'm always looking out for him. He is good to me and I know he loves me but now I'm confused. We've been on and off for two weeks now(his move).
Initially he told me he needed space which I didn't contest to because we were spending every waking moment together. I enjoyed the me time but then I started I miss him. He said he wanted us again and that's how we ended back together. Then the next day he said he wanted a break again. And its been like this ever since. I don't call him. He calls me. And he keeps calling me 'babe' and saying 'I love you' all when I'm under the impression of us being on break. I confront him about it and he says oh yeah then two minutes later he's saying how he misses me and so on.
I'm so confused and hurt because every time I think that we're okay, he switches up and declares us on break again. I'm trying to move on but it's so hard. I don't know what to do now. Help please! :(