I've like this guy for 8 - 10 months his name was lets say Scott. Scott and I never actually went out but we liked each other. Said ' I love you' and held hands did what normal couples would do. He didn't ask because he wanted to be 100% sure if out relationship would last. I liked him a lot though.. there would be times where he hurt me he would take me for granted and not really consider my feelings and every time I wanted to tell him something he would say that's enough or shh -- shhh. One day I decided to bring it up with him and we had this big fight. So that was the end of that. While me and scott has a thing there would be other girls who flirt with him and seemed like he flirt back but he said never to doubt it so I didn't and never did.

Well after a few months this other guy liked me. Im not sure if I went out with him to forget about scott or not or I just want to move on. But me and my new boyfriend are going okay.. so - so He apologised for being a bad boyfriend but his caring at times.
Anyway after scott found out I've been dating we've been just friends
We bumped into each other on boxing day but didn't have enough time to take a good look at each other or exchange words. When I was home we talked a bit and the next day we met up me him another 2 friends. We went out and about and ended up at a park near my house. We were talking about things and he said he still loved me and I cried. Because it felt so right being with him and we had this big talked.. I saw him again. And I kissed him I feel unfaithful and bad for my boyfriend I was going to end it with my boyfriend but I couldn't. I don't know what to do whether to let go for my feelings for my ex (let bygones be bygones) or should I tell my boyfriend what I did and see how he responds. Or some other way.. I don't know what to do