I've been with my boyfriend for over 4 years... this is the fifth year and we've lived together for over 2 years. Up until now we've always done things together (ex. Going to work bbq's going to some parties) and up until now he's always wanted me to go. But this last week he's been irritated with me and says that I'm a big leach. There's a work bbq this weekend and your "significant other" is supposed to come with you. I asked if he still wanted me to go and that if he didn't I wish he hadn't have asked me to come in the first place. Now I know I think I came off a little rude but we had been fighting for a few days about it. Now he says he's not going to it at all and I feel like its my fault. There's a concert next month that we were supposed to go together to but now I'm not sure if I should come... I don't know if I'm really wanted do you think I should go (I'm still thinking on it)