Last night, my boyfriend woke me up in the middle of the night to touching me in intimate places. It had been a while since we had time to fool around, so things started to heat up more. About ten minutes in, I noticed some faint flashes of light. At first I thought they were coming from outside of my window, and so I ignored it. It clicked in my head that he might be taking pictures a few moments later, because he seemed distracted. Turns out, he was. He had his phone under the covers and was snapping pics of me "full frontal." I feel appalled, disgusted, and betrayed that he thought this was a good idea, and that he did it without my knowing and consent. He swears he was going to tell me later, but I don't quite believe that. Then when I demanded he delete the pictures, he at first refused. Then when he agreed to delete them, he refused to show me that he was deleting them. I'm afraid he might have been trying to save them somewhere else which is why he didn't want to show me, making me lose even more trust for him. Am I wrong for reacting this way? He says he thought it would "spice things up for us," but we have been dating for over a year. I thought he would know me better than that. Even still, I think he still should have confronted me first if that's something he wanted to try. Need feedback, please!