My boyfriend an I are together for 2 and a half years and some months ago someone made false accusations about me cheating on him because they wanted to break us up. He said he trusted me and he believes I didn't cheat on him but it has obviously affected him and our relationship. He keeps bringing it up and says he has doubts and he has begun treating me badly, like not buying me a present for my birthday because he "didn't have time", not taking me out to dinner anymore, brushing me off when I call him on the phone, hanging out with his friends on weekends and not bothering to come over, not bothering to do anything special for valentines day... the list goes on. Sometimes when I call him he even sounds annoyed.:(

He says he loves me, and that he cares about me... and I care about him more than anything in the world... I just want him to love and respect me the same as I do him. I am a very dedicated and loyal girlfriend, and take relationships very seriously... I want to know why he has begun acting this way and why he no longer wants to spend time with me, telling me that he wants his space to hang with his friends and to go clubbing with them. I am extremely hurt beyond belief and I am having difficulty in dealing with this because I love him so much.

He tried to take a break before but I begged him not to because I thought I would lose him. Now he says he only stayed with me because I wanted the relationship. Now he only comes over to see me if he wants sex. Then he just leaves right after, he no longer takes me to a nice dinner, no longer stays to talk etc...

I told him to take all the time he wants to think... and to decide what he wants... but my heart is broken in a million pieces... What is really the issue.. WHy does he want space?
What should I do? I feel like I'm lost without him... :(