I have been with my boyfriend for 17 months & we spend all of our time together. Once every 3-5 months we'll get into a big fight & he will tell me that he doesn't love me. Of course it hurts because no girl ever wants to hear her guy say that. Well, after our fights our relationship always gets 10 times better than ever before. I honestly BELIEVE he loves me because of some things he says & because of the way he acts on a daily basis, etc. I am only his 4th real relationship & the past 3 girls have all cheated on them. He dated the first two girls for 2 years & the last girl for 3 years. After the last girl broke up with him he was single for 3 years... until he met me. Part of me thinks it is a huge step just for him to choose ME after 3 years of being single & content. But at the same time I just don't understand why he won't tell me he loves me. He tells all of his family members that he loves them every time he talks to them on the phone, but yet he won't tell me he loves me. He told me once or twice before that he is closer to me than ANYONE else in the world. (Including his family & the guys he's been friends with for over 20 years.) Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? I am kind of starting to lose hope... :(