My boyfriend of 2 years told me he doesnít love me anymore. It was completely out of the blue. We had a very close relationship, were each otherís best friends and even discussed marriage (weíre in our 20ís). On that night he was acting very cold towards me, something which in 2 years was a side I had never seen before. I asked him what was wrong and he blurted out that he didnít love me, Iím not the girl he wants to marry and that he was confused and didnít know what to do. He said that he thought we should go on a break, but I was so hurt and shocked at what heíd just said that I told him if he really meant what heíd said then we should just finish it. He agreed. Iím heartbroken and my whole world seems like itís destroyed. I am still so in love with him and think about him every second of everyday.

3 days after the break up, he sent me a text saying;
ďI know youíre gona hate me saying this but I love you and I want you. Iím such a mess right now. All I know is that Iíve hurt you so much and there is something missing inside me Ė I need you back to make me ok again. But I understand if you never wana speak to me againĒ
My friends and family have not allowed me to contact him because they said that what he did was so harsh it cannot be forgiven by merely a text, and that if he really meant what he text then he would be making much grander gestures to sort things out with me. He has not contacted me since. I have also heard that he is out drinking with his friends every night, which doesnít give the impression that heís missing me.

What should I do?