hi my name is dayana and I have a boyfriend called nene he's latin just like me but anhyways I knew nene for like about to year's and I never ask's him out but I did this year and then he said oh now you feel like asking me lolsz so yeah I was happy and what eva=]] so then we were going out and what eva and then I went to he's myspace and I was not in he's tops and what eva so then I saw this girl in he's top so then I add her and I was like how you nene and she said ''he's my boyfriend and I was like really OK thank's
so then I still not ask's him if he got a new girl friend so ill ask's him at my party and my party is at the 9th so ill just ask's him but the thing that I'm trying to say is ''should I stay with him??
help mii
my space