Hello people!
My boyfriend and I met online in December, and we fell in love quickly. He is so smart, intelligent, funny, and handsome. He lives about 6 hours away but I have been willing to travel and visit. He lost his job a few months ago and it has been hell trying to find another job, which is strange because he is a truck driver. I guess because he has minimal experience, he is not getting any call backs. Anyway at first he had strong faith and as time has progressed and still no job he is pushing way back from me. I try to assure him that I am here for him and I have been where he is at, and I try to encourage him to keep trying and something will happen. Well, still nothing and during the last few months I wanted to visit him but he says no because he wouldn't be good company right now... now the phone calls/text messages have become very faint. I support him in any way possible (financially and emotionally) but he just kind of pulls away. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to be with him and he seems to not want to be with me even though the last time we had conversation he said that he does. What should I do? HELP!!