So there's this girl my boyfriend met his sophomore yr or something like that.. problem is he didn't get to know her till recently and he started calling her a true friend when that's not what you call a true friend someone you just met and hasn't been with you through it all.. and so this girl who I happen to know because I had a class with her through her conversations with my boyfriend she seemed flirty and then they would be txting a lot even when we would be in line for the movies or out hanging out and at first I thought it was a guy till I came across there coments and I saw it was her.. so we had an argument because there was more to it then just "friendly" conversations.. they were barely getting to know each other when we were already going out and it seemed like our thing wasn't as serious because the way they would talk.. we had this argument and he ended up deleting her number and I deleted all my contacts out of fury as well.. he told me he wouldn't talk to her anymore at all and all this time I had believed they wouldn't talk and just because we had an argument they started talking apparently he didn't text her but he has her number registered and is already txting her like nothing.. he told me he didn't think it matterd and wasn't important but how could it not when he knew it bugged me and I was uncomfotable with it... he gets jelous that other guys will talk to me and stuff but I don't even flirt or anything.. it buggs meeeeee so damn much the fact that hell talk to her after he told me he wouldn't.. I don't know what to do? Am I overreacting how do I stop feeling this uncomfort and not letting it bugg me they talk?