I have been dating this guy for about a 2 years now, it started so amazing, I fell in love with him in no time, but since we met, a lot of problems have come up. His jealousy and possessive nature comes through in a lot of ways. He has become very angry at me for wearing v neck shirts or anything that could possibly reveal even the slightest bit of my chest because he is convinced that other guys are checking me out. He probably would prefer that I wear a turtle neck year round. Seeing me wearing shorts at home makes him think I wear them outside and that same thought runs through his mind and he gets even more upset. I decided to stop wearing those shirts out to make him feel better and assured him I wouldn't wear them outside, but one day he saw me wearing a v neck shirt with a camisole underneath and has since then lost all trust in me because even with the camisole I was cutting it too close. He becomes tormented by thoughts of guys asking me out during my childhood even though he is my very first boyfriend and insists that I make his life miserable because of it. He becomes upset thinking that as long as we are together he will have to live with those thoughts while I have nothing to live with since he's never done any of that to me. When I speak to him about past girlfriends he has told me about or certain memories I have of him telling me things about their relationship, he insists that they were all lies, even the relationships themselves. I remember several girls asking him out, even him calling other girls hot in front of me, but he has an excuse for every single example I come up with and upholds his stance on me not having to deal with anything he has done.

He also doesn't like the thought of me having friends or liking my family. He is convinced that I have every reason to hate my family and doesn't like it when I say anything good about them. The same goes for my friends. He doesn't like it when I want to go hang out with them because he believes that he himself doesn't have any friends because all he needs is me. He takes my wanting to have friends as casting him aside and telling him he's not good enough, that I don't want to be with him, which isn't true at all.

There are days where we seriously hate each other, but for some reason we always make up. And, no matter how upset he is, he refuses to break up with me, and when he does say he wants to break up with me he takes it back. I always find it so hard to break up with him because a part of me still cares about him deeply and wants to make this work, another part is afraid of what might happen to him if I do break up with him, and another part is ready to give up on it all.

Is there anything I can do to help our situation and our relationship? Am I doing something wrong to make matters worse? Is this behavior normal in a lot of relationships? I ask because he is my first and I apparently have no idea what I'm doing, can someone please help?