We are both 40 and although I get all the attention in the world from my boyfriend of 15 months, it grosses me out to see him and his daughter kiss (on the lips) and hug and the "I love you's" that are constant between them, whom he has 50% of the time. The biggest gross-out for me is the cuddling on the couch. Every night, they are under a blanket, cuddling arm in arm with each other while we watch TV, and I can't even look at them. I sit as far away as I can (I've been invited to join them and always say no thanks). I grew up in a family that doesn't do any of that so I hope I am over-reacting. But when I witness it, and I see it often, I don't think oh how nice that they have such a great relationship, instead I think how gross it is. I know there isn't any sexual inuendos going on (although he see's her naked in the tub or changing her clothes, and that, I feel, is definitely wrong). He thinks I'm the weirdo because my family does not say I love you, or kiss, or hug or any of that. But we are a very close family regardless. I don't need my dad cuddling me and hugging me 5 times a day to prove it. I hope I'm just over-reacting. This behaviour with them is so foreign to me. She is often trying to cuddle up to me as well when we are on the couch and I find ways to get away by saying I'm too hot, or I'm uncomfortable, or I just leave the room. It's too weird. What is really bizarre is the fact that I won the lottery as far as dating a guy with a teenage daughter goes. She's great, she loves me to death, and she's a good girl. Why am I so bent out of shape about them being so physically close. I hope the response is that I'm an idiot and this is normal, healthy behaviour between dads and daughters. BTW, I have no children. Never wanted any.