My boyfriend of 4 1/2 years hasn't called or answered his phone in 6 days. We had a argument a couple of weeks ago & had a long ( 4 hours) talk about everything we told each other how we feel about each other & how we want the relationship really work. We talked everyday after that things were getting back to normal after being rocky for a while.Then Friday he falls off the face of the earth I called left a message Saturday I start to worry no calls his phone going straight to vmail( his screen is broken so we can't text) Sunday I'm really worried not mad just worried left another message Monday comes nothing still now I'm on edge so I call a family member of his just to see if he is all right this person is @ work so he can't talk Tuesday comes around I'm beyond scared can't eat or sleep all the while phone going straight to vmail finally I call & it rings but its not like he can see its me his screen is broken he doesn't answer. Left a message. I don't want to keep calling back but when I did it started going to vmail again. Help he is a very forward person he never bites his tongue when we have had a spat before & broke up temporaily he said it so if that was the case this time I figure he would have told me.. help