I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 yrs,and we have definitely had ups and downs. Lately he has had a big project at work that has taken up all of his time.So much time that we have stopped going out on the weekends completely and I only get to see him when I come over to cook or bring food. He calls me everyday and he is on AIM so that we can talk whenever we are apart. Well he is finally done with his project and since there is only a week left of school he has to catch up on homework and online tests so we still aren't going to hang out until next weekend. I know that he is busy and have tried not to whine about not seeing him but it is starting to get to me. I went out a few weekends ago w/my sister and some old friends, got drunk and lost my phone in the car,well of course he started to blow it up because I wasn't responding to him at 1am. I got home at about 2am, he called again and I said I was drunk and wanted to sleep. He wasn't mean about it but made it apparent that he was unhappy that I went out w/out him and hung out w/people he didn't know. So I have been staying at home (my home) and not going out. Last night (friday night) he was working on school work at home and I was at my house,he was on aim but didn't say anything to me all night. It makes me mad that he doesn't want me to go out but I can't come hang w/him and he didn't speak to me all night. I know he is busy and I have tried to respect his efforts to make his future better but I don't feel like I'm getting any attention. I pretty much feel like I am single :( I want to be with him but I don't know if this is how the relationship is going to be from now on. Maybe something else will come up after his school work is done. He just seems uninterested in hanging out w/me or anyone. What should I do, just wait it out?