I have been dating my boyfriend for about 14 months. We got pregnant right away, only about 2 months into the relationship. We used to have sex often. I figured the pregnancy was the main reason, but it has been 5 months since the birth. He won't kiss me unless he is leaving and never wants to have sex. He says he is too tired or doesn't feel like it. When we have sex I always start it, but he makes sure I know I am forcing him. He jokes a lot. I cannot tell when he is really serious or not. He doesn't try to touch me anymore and just shows no interest. He loves our daughter, and sometimes I wonder if that is the only reason he is with me. We are trying to buy a house together. We have almost broken up a few times because of the way he acts. He often says he is bored and doesn't like bringing his friends over because he thinks I am judging him-that was a few months ago and that seems better now. I love him so much. He says he loves me and wants to show me he loves me but doesn't think about it,and doesn't like being told to kiss me(it makes him not want to I guess.). He told me he does have bi-polar disorder but doesn't take medicine. He hates social norms and doesn't like to join in activities with my family. It started weird because he dated me the next day after he broke up with his ex, so I thought. He dated both of us for a few weeks, then preceded to have a sexual relationship with her until she left the state. I sort of knew, but was also still into my ex, not being able to make a choice. I'm sure he doesn't cheat now, but it hurts that the other girl decided to end it and not him. We have fought about how much it hurts now, even though then I wasn't in love with him and didn't feel hurt. After she left(she hates him now that the timeline of my pregnancy shows our relationship), he became really focused on me and would get hurt if I didn't show him affection in public. We are always together and I sure he could be just sick of me, but not showing any affection.
He makes me feel like a sex addict, which doesn't make sense since we never have sex. I just want to feel loved. NOt that I associate sex with love or whatever. I would be fine if he actually wanted to kiss me and cuddle. I don't what to do. I want this to work even though it sounds so disfunctional.