Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 7 years. We are both only 23 and the only partners each other have had.

In the beginning of our relationship, he would want to have sex at least once a day, sometimes more. He was really really really into having sex.

Now, for about almost 2 years (we moved in together 1.5 yrs ago) its almost as though he has no interest at all in me. We never ever ever ever kiss. NEVER. I honestly cannot remember when the last time we kissed was.

Also, he never wants to have sex with me. We have sex about once or twice a month. When I ask him about this he says that he is tired. But that is sooo out of character from how he used to be in the beginning of our relationship.

What makes the situation even worse is that when we do have sex, he cannot either get or maintain his erection. Last night he actually went soft inside of me :eek: :( . He is healthy, non-smoker/drinker/drug-taker. The doctor said there is nothing wrong with him. However, he can get an erection if he masturbates. I wouldn't consider myself unattractive and think I am easily more attractive than he is, but that doesn't mean he is attracted to me--which is what I think is going on--i think he no longer turned on by me or.

We really don't talk much anymore either, all he does is come home from work and stare at the internet for hours and then go to sleep.

He also never gets jealous EVER!

I can't even bring up the topic to him or he gets angry and says that I need to let things flow... but I think waiting two years is patient enough. Sometimes I just want to cheat on him and hurt him & make him feel as low as I do, but I don't think he would even care.

Sometimes when we get into arguments he hints or says things to imply that he is getting sick of me. This is actually making me very deppressed--he is the only boyfriend I have ever had, and he is also my best friend... I think I know that the answer is that he is no longer interested, but I just am not ready to face the truth!

I hope someone who has been in this position before can tell me whether this is a sign of the end of our time together as a romantic couple or whether its just a two year dip in the relationship.