I need any kind of advice I can get, I'm going crazy. I've been with someone for 2 years and we hit it off so well at first. I didn't expect that he would be so serious about us but three weeks in we were already head over heels in love. He would do such sweet things for me and buy me all these things all the time but it wasn't enough- he would only see me once a week, sometimes less than that! We began to fight a lot because of it, and he felt like I treated him as not good enough. Then after seeing a guy friend without telling him because he gets so jealous, he accused me of cheating but then took me back after having realized that he was never there for me, just over the phone all the time. We patched things up but continued to fight as there was no trust between us. Months later, aka last week, I knew something was wrong. I went through his phone and saw that he had been cheating on me. I confronted him and he said the girl meant nothing and that he was just bored. I cried and got so angry for a few days and said lots of bad things, because he became so cold and made no effort to show he was sorry! He said he was so embarrassed and that I should just get Over it ASAP cause he would not chase. Also, he felt he had been cheated on and therefore this was OK. I finally decided to get over it but then out of the blue he tells me he is stressed in his life, our relationship is rocky, and wants to take a break! He flips it around and now I am the one waiting for him after he cheated on me! I am a mess and all I want is for things to be like when we first met... but I know they won't be. We are two different people from different cultures but I know that we do love each other too. Funny thing is since this break he has been texting me everyday things like" what's up, I'm bored". What do I do? Do we have any hope? Why is he initiating a break? Is it really due to stress and that he needs time for himself like he claims? Are we just on different paths in life? Even though he should be feeling like crap I still feel like I'm at fault :( I was always on his back and fighting with him for silly things cause I resented that he never made an effort to see me, instead he would buy me tons of things and call me all the time to check up on me. He works a lot but still... maybe now he is tired of trying and cheating was his way of detaching himself and not caring anymore? Help!