Id been with my boyfriend for 3 yrs.. and I can say that he really shows cares and affection to me and even to my family.. the break up started when he knew that I add his uncle to my Facebook.. he didn't even give a chance to explain that his mom asked me to do that since I want to see her on pictures because we were talking for over the phone for 3 yrs too, but I didn't seen her even in pictures.. he has issues with his ex-wife, she cheated him but I don't think that's the reason.. he told me that I am stalker on that FB issue.. that were not compatible and that were two different people.. after a break up I called him many times and beg him to give me a chance, but he told me to just wait until he get back here so we can talked.. but what bothers me is that why his telling me to wait for him, wherein his already breaking up with me on the phone. And every time I tried to call him, his still answering my call but always giving me excuses so we can't talk that much.. I know he loves because that's what he makes me feel for 3 yrs.. I don't know what to do to win his heart again.