My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago We were together for almost 4 years and we have a 7 month old daughter. He had broken up with me before A couple of weeks before I gave birth he broke up with me because he said he didn't feel the same
For me and didn't love me and said he didn't see us going back ever but after she was born we got back together and told me he still loved me everything after that was fine but lately we kept on getting into arguments and fights over dumb things until he finally broke it off I was crushed he said there was no way we would ever get back together and that was his final decision  idk what to do I've tried talking to him about us but all it does is get him mad and make him not want to be with me at all I asked him if he still loved me he said he didn't know I asked him if he misses me and said at times he does but at times he doesn't and also asked him if he still had feelings for me and he said yes but those feelings are leaving with each day that passes by and that he's done with relationships for now and is better by himself. I love him and miss him so much I don't call him or text him but he comes to visit his daughter Idk if I'm doing right by not calling him or texting and I don't talk to him about us anymore even though I'm dying to call him hug him kiss him it hurts a lot