Heya there ,

I have been a little disturbed . Me & my boyfriend have been together for like a year and a half now . He is a very sweet guy , loves me a lot , cares for me , helps me cook , cut veggies , wash the dishes . The only thing that's been bothering me about him is that he talks to his mom on phone like for 3-4 hrs at a stretch when am with him as well . They talk all kind of stuff on phone , *****ing , gossiping , marriage plans[ we are getting married] , I find it really weird that he stays on phone that long talking to his mom . We are living together , he does give me his little time whatsoever ,but why am I so disturbed by this ?

I have talked to him about it couple of times , he knows I get upset seeing him talk on phone with his mom that long , now he has started doing that behind my back , like finish off his phone calls before coming home .

The worst part is , His mom is very bossy , manipulative & dominating . Every time we decide something , he discusses that with his mom & comes back to me saying may be we should do it "this" [ advised by his mom] way . Pisses me off more often .

I try talking to his mom on phone, all she talks about is why my dad should call her , or why mom should talk to her etc etc . I am just too skeptical to be very rude & tell her "why can't you call her yourself you need to talk ", That's so not me.

I am not finding any mental peace cause of this. I am not able to enjoy my relationship with my boyfriend who loves me a lot , cause of his mom .

Please advise what do I do :(