I'm 20.I m in a relationship with a man of 33 for the past 2 years.this is long but guys take a little time out for me please.ok so he did everything he can to make me fall in love with him.I agreed.initially he was like the best boyfriend a girl can ever have.he used to understand me bettr than my mom and anybody else.but since last 3 to 4 months he abuses me like s#@$.the other day he called me a prostitute,bi#@$,n words which I can't even write here.but I want to make him realise his mistake and teach him a lesson.he wants me to leave him because all he wanted was sex.he even promised to marry me and he was totally committed.but as you can see... things are not the same now.ii am so hurt icant even describe to anyone.I am abused emotionally,pscyologically and mentally, I can't concentrate on any damn thing but his abuses.please help me... please.