:p Ok my boyfriend and I have been going out for almost two years. I love his family and his family loves me. Everything is good except he never wants to talk on the phone anymore and he never wants to do anything :mad: . Sometimes he treats my like crap like when I call him he answers the phone saying "what do you want?" and he always tells me what to do (im not saying I listen to what he says) but it annoys me :mad: . I love him to death but some things are getting to me. This Saturday he is turning 18 and he and his friends are going to a strip club... really no big deal :rolleyes: but the thing is OK I'm bisexual and he wants a 3 sum w/ me and a friend and I wouldn't mind its just he keeps bugging me about it. Ive told him how I feel but he just doesn't seem to get it and I need to know what to do :confused:... If you can help please do!!