I have had a 10 year relationship with my aquarius man. A few years ago he mistakenly thought I had cheated and became very cold towards me. I was hurt and angry and was even colder back. Despite this we maintained an intensely passionate sex life and I still loved him madly just couldn't show it. A month ago he told me he had met someone else. I was devastatec. He seemed genuinely shocked at my reaction and said he was sorry for hurting me but my coldness had driven him elsewhere. He said he still wanted to see me which I refused. This seemed to panic him a bit. I have never experienced a level of pain like this. We have had a few tender conversations and talked about what has gone wrong and we have had sex three times over the last month. I am so devastated and don't want to carry on as I don't think he intends to leave the other woman but I can't bare to let him go either. I feel I need tk at least try and get him back but this is so painful and humiliating . He seems remorseful and sad that it went wrong. He seems to finally believe that I haven't cheated and that I do love him. He actually said that I hid the.fact that I loved him very well. He said it was lack of affection that drove him away which makes me feel terrible. Any advice please.