I have a boyfriend and he is mess treating me
He doesn't call me or ask me out on a date or just out and he is just not that much into me anymore
I donno if he is cheating on me because he is really busy at his life at the moment
He travels to china and other country with his family for fun and for doing business deals
Before he went to china "which btw he had been their for 1 month" we talked about our relation and I got really mad at him because no matter what I do he just ignores me or start complaining about his life so I told him that that's it but "i didnt mean it's over" I meant that I don't accept men to treat me like this and I started to cry "out of anger" and I said stuff like "what happened to the guy who used to kiss me and hug me and make me soo comfortable.. is he dead or what!" so I hang up the phone after I said that and at this point he knew that I am soooo angry and hurt so he "agreed"!! To talk to me adult way! And we did ! For 3 hours we had a real conversation about our relation and I was ready to give up but then we decided that it will work out and he said that he has been a jerk for not being a man for me but just some guy that I am committed to him!! Anyway
But then one week later he had to go to china "we live in Jordan"
So from that point until now we only chat.. at the beginning he used to call me but then he didn't
And I am sooooooo angry at him because even so we only chat it's not right because it shows that he is online but he doesn't want to chat with me anymore like for example he doesn't send a missed call or a text message to my mobile for me to come online and so we can chat and sometimes days go by and he is so not into me after we finally chat.. I donno I feel that the promise he made before he went to china is so not true and I feel like wanting to kick his!! Lol sorry I know it's bad to think this way but what can I do
He betrayed me
He said that we are going to be lovers and all romantic and stuff and then he do the oppesite and I told him once if you want to leave me you should just say it.. then he called me!
I donno what to do
I donno if I should show him I am very angry at him or not
I donno if I should break up with him "it's so hard for me .. we had been together for 4 years!"
And every time I tell him I want out of this relation we both know we can't do it.. and it's like we are lovers for ever but only in words!
I haven't seen him in 4 months only one time!
And I know he is not a player or cheating on me because I know his life system and we keep talking on the phone a lot "and he keeps complaining about his life and family .. so i hate that too.. but i say it's ok.. that what guys do when they get comfortable to a girl!"
Anyway would some one help me
I really want to study all my moves before I do anything stupid or crazy
I don't want to show him that I am so crazy about him
And I don't want to lie to him or me at the same time.. that I don't need a relationship in my life with a truly lover!
So how to act?
What to do?