[B]I met my girlfriend last year in April 2009. We met online and we were communicating online from 2 distant towns. We had a couple of dates and she decided to move to my town to be closer to me as she wasn't happy where she was living. At first it was bliss for the first 2 months but then things began to emerge. She began to be very needy, texting, calling me, needing me 24/7. She started telling me she loved me but for me this was much too early in the relationship but I went with the flow because I felt chuffed a little that she felt that way about me. I did not feel the same way but I told her I did like her a lot and that my feelings were growing for her. It saddened her that I didn't feel the same way and she then began telling me that for every day I didn't love her, it would kill her love for me and eventually she would feel nothing for me. This immediately put the pressure on me to feel something that I possibly couldn't and I became resentful of her instead of the opposite. To cut a long story short, we had a disastrous year, separated about 3 times and eventually broke up just before Christmas.

When we separated I felt nothing and decided to just get on with my life. I dated a little and subsequently found out that she was seeing other men too. By February 2010 I felt an enormous sense of loss that the girl who had sacrificed everything just to be closer to me was now dating a guy full time. Awful timing but I was now developing feelings for her which I had never had before. I talked to her, told her how I felt and asked her to take me back like in awful desperate fashion. Quite rightly she rejected my offer saying she was happy in her new relationship and that she had moved on so I walked away with my tail between my legs and felt sorry for myself for a month or so. With the help of friends and a new keep fit regime I eventually snapped out of my depression.
Oddly enough we became friends even while she was still with her boyfriend. From her body language and what she was telling me, I didn't think this guy was all that interested in her and sure enough shortly after he ended the relationship. As a friend I comforted her through this break up and between one thing and another we got back together agreeing to take things very slowly. One thing was clear and that was she was not the needy, smothering person I had known the year previously. In fact she was quite chilled and happy to have time to herself and pursur her own hobbies on her own.

I then in a twist of fate started to fall in love with her! Then my heart leaped for joy when she told me in April of this year that she loved me too. We were back together against all the odds and things have been great up until about 2 weeks ago. Like the roles had reversed I have started to become attention seeking, questioning her on how she feels about me with me starting to get moody and throw sulky fits. Every time we argue, I know it's me who's in the wrong but I don't know how to stop myself. I have started to feel when I'm round at hers or when we are together that she is very distant and doesn't want me to be there and that just sets me off giving her grief once again! I really love this girl and don't want to lose her and I know I have to change my ways before it is too late! I write this on the back of another argument we had this evening :( Please,please can someone help me?? (Sorry about length of my letter)