I have been with the same guy for 4 1/2 years. We have been enaged for over 3 yrs. Just a short background. I am educated with a good career and come from a family of hardworkers. He is from a good family but education is not important and he is "self-employed" Well I moved 24 hrs away from my family and friends to be with him and got a great job. Well he has now decided that he doesn't want any bills and sold our property and moved 2 hours away to a friends house where he can live for "free." I couldn't find a place to live for myself and animals so I had to send my dogs with him. Now he wants me to quit my job and live for "free" with him. He doesn't get why I am upset and why we aren't married yet. I feel like if I have to everything by myself and what is the point in being with someone if you have no support. There is so much more but am I wrong for feeling this way and wrong for not marrying him yet like he claims?? Should I just tell him to get lost?