So I had a really bad breakup around 7 months ago, long story short, my girlfriend had cheated on me and left me for her previous ex. Anyway, that was 7 months ago, I went through a lot and thought I had gotten over her, and I have even started dating another girl since a month ago.

Things are all right with the new girlfriend, but I don't know what's wrong with me. This girl is amazing and I really thought I liked her a lot, but still after a month of dating, I don't feel the same "im in love" feeling that I had for my ex. I don't know if its because I am not over my ex yet, or if I just have issues trusting people again and can't open myself up to her.

All my friends tell me that I am not over my ex yet because a week ago I had bumped into her and saw her boyfriend for the first time since we broke up and I got really pissed and was about to punch the guy's face in, but I decided against it cause my girlfriend was on campus too and I didn't want to start sh!t, so I just backed off and walked away, but my heart was pounding with fury.

Anyway last night, I had a dream about my ex and it went like this. I dreamt that I had been told from a mutual friend of my ex and I that my ex's boyfriend is a pot addict, so to get back at him, I decided to sneak into his house and burn his stash of marijuana. Anyway, obviously the guy got really pissed and knew it was me who did it, so he yelled at my ex and blamed it on her, and decided to break up with her. My ex then calls me on the phone and is crying in tears telling me that her boyfriend dumped her cause of what I did, but just then I walk outside my house door and my neighbour tells me that my ex's boyfriend is waiting outside for me. So I said to my ex "fk this, you're annoying" and I pass the phone to my neighbour standing beside me, and go outside and I charge at the and punch him.

And then I wake up. I woke up immediately after my dream cause it was still in the middle of the night, and I sat there thinking about my dream a lot. Because of all my friend's opinions, I've really been having doubts about myself and whether Im really over my ex yet or not, and I've been feeling guilty and upset whenever I'm with my girlfriend, and I sort of feel like Im emotionally cheating on her. But after my dream, I thought to myself that if I really weren't over her, I wouldn't have just been like, "you're annoying leave me alone" and just toss the phone away. Besides, she really rarely comes across my mind anymore, I don't always think about her, or ponder what could or couldn't have been if things happened differently.

In my defense, my reaction for getting really pissed off when I saw her boyfriend is just because like, come on guys, this is THE guy who stole your ex-girlfriend away from you and made your life miserable. Whether I have feelings for my ex isn't a concern for my urge to break the guy's nose. Come on, where's the pride? That's what I've told my friends, but they still seem to be convinced that I acted that way because I still like my ex.