Ok, never done this posting thing but you all give good advice - and I need some opinions outside my own logic! Sorry in advance for the length…

I've been dating this guy for 2 years and recently he asked for time off to reconsider things. (That is, break up and then talk in a month and half.) We both agreed that we're still in love with each other, but we've been fighting a lot (not even about particular topics) and the frustration has been building. I wanted to work things out, but he wanted time off.

I told myself that it’s over and to move on. What's strange is that I kept waiting to be completely devastated... and frankly, I wasn't. I don't know if it's because it didn't sink in, because I was busy, or what... although I did think a lot about us. Maybe it was a relief to get away from the fights, and to find myself again.

But then he called a few times and said he missed me. I didn’t initiate any calls and avoided talking about 'us' to give him that 'space'. He then asked to meet up and I said no, we should wait out the time off period. But later I thought, why not, why wait. We should try to make it work now, or just end it completely and move on. So we met up (few weeks after the breakup) and he wanted to get back together... and so we’re supposedly back together now.

We’ll still have to work through our issues, and I told him that it's a two-way effort (in our breakup talk he pointed all blame on me... which he now says isn't what he meant). But does he really understand this? That it's not just a 'fix ME' solution and it will all be solved? I believed that if you’re really in love, couples can work through the arguments and communication issues, even if it’s a lot of work. Have other couples been through this where it did work out in the end?

Another thing, he's 7 years older (and closer to settling down than me). He says though, that this isn't as much of an issue as our fights... But I think perhaps the 'breakup' was his way of trying to figure out if this is worth the fight, or a waste of his time when he’s looking to settle down.

I've been thinking a lot, but in a logical, analytical way. I don't feel emotional (angry or ecstatic) and don’t have a strong gut feeling either way... I guess I can go back and say I need more time, but I think that's just delaying the decision. It's not that I've stopped loving him (I can still see the future with him). Should I ask again, does he really get that it’s a two-way issue? Or should I just go for it and see what happens?