I have been with my girlfriend for 10 years now. We met in college and our relationship has been great. We of course had our ups and downs like any relationship, but now things have changed. About 3 years ago she pushed for us to move in together and I was a bit resistant, but because I loved here decided to buy a place and move in. She had an operation and moved home to recover, since her parents were retired and could help. Once she was better though should did not move back. We sat down and spoke on our ten year mark and she stated that she loves me as a friend, but does not feel anything for me as a long term relationship. I was in shock, I felt a couple of times when I would bring up marriage that she hesitated, but she always said to give her time and that she loves me. That is why we moved in together should be proof. We have been trying to work it out, she has moved back home with me for a bit, but things are different. I asked her if she was sure and how she would feel if she would not see me any longer. She said she can not imagine since we have been always togther. I suggested a break for a few weeks and if she does not change, then to end the relationship and sell our home. She now tells me OK, but she acts different. She says I am a great guy and cares and loves me. She wants to feel the way she felt, but cant. She is not happy about what is going on and here job and life. Is she really lost her love for me? Is she going through something I do not know? If I let her go will she return?