So I'm 22 years old now, and its been 7 years since I have actually liked anyone. I tell people I do not want a relationship because good relationships do not exist (which I think on some levels is true) but deep down I still hope to find companionship.

I do find some guys attractive but I don't really do anyting about it and most of the time the attraction is just physical. I haven't been asked out for a while now so I'm getting scared (I would ask a guy out if I liked him, but I just haven't found a person that made me want to do that).

I'll be turning 23 soon, and I wonder why didn't I say yes to the guys that have asked me out. Its not that I didn't like them, but I guess I just wanted to be their friend and nothing more. I really do not want to settle, I want to like someone and not just be in a relationship because I'm scared I'll be alone. Is there really a person out there for everyone? Are my expectations just too high? Should I just give people a chance and in that give me a chance?