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    Mar 7, 2006, 09:27 AM
    Sale of property for $1
    Is it possible to sell property to an older sister for $1 to prevent a ex-wife from putting a lien on it. It is in PA
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    Mar 7, 2006, 03:31 PM
    Why would your ex-wife be putting a lien on it?

    Can you sell it for $1 to her…YES

    However, you should note the 2 year rule. I don't know about PA, but it applies here in Ontario.

    The court can reverse the sale if they find that you made the sale to simply dump your assets. They can reverse any transactions up to 2 years old. That is, if you sold it for below market value. And $1 is certainly below market value.
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    Mar 7, 2006, 06:25 PM
    If the sale is not for actual value, first the person getting the property would be liable for gift taxes in most places.

    Next if this went to court, it could be viewed as fraud and attempt to hide property, and could be criminal as well as civil. She would still get an interest in the property. This would be the same for a wife or any person you owed money to.
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    Mar 8, 2006, 10:59 AM
    The reason I ask this is I am going through a divorce and my wife of thirty years had abandoned the marriage and moved to California. She took everything of value from the house including bank accounts etc. She claims I verbally abused her. On top of that she flew her brother out here and charged all moving expenses on a credit card that I am paying a total of $2,880. Since she quit her part time job here and was fired from her part time job at HandR block in California she has received SSI Disibility for her arthritis. I have been paying her 40% of my gross income for over two years.Now I am told I must pay her 40% of my pay for spousal suport for life or until she is 65, she is 50 now. If I don't the judge said he will put me in jail. I can not quit my job or he will do the same. If I am fired or laid off they will attach my house for back suport. She has a house in CA with a rental valued at $340,000, this house is valued at $200,000. They want me to pay 80% of all unreinbursed medical for life also. If and when I loose my job and have no insurance they say I will still be liable for her medical exoenses. I have health ins here and she continues to go out of the network and it is costing me more than if she stayed in the network. If all this is in the final divorce I might as well disappear and becone a bum. I work for an Airline and they want me to take another pay cut of $12,000 a year. The last pay cuts, it took me six months to get my suport lowered. Also her lawyer wants me to pay her fees that my wife has never paid her. Her lawyer has canceled four or five hearings because of scheduling problems for her. Every time this happens it takes months to get another hearing date. This cost me every time with fees to my lawyer and aparently hers. Can I insist on no more cancelations? Is there any justice in this country anymore?
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    Mar 8, 2006, 02:40 PM
    Justice, who ever says there was justice, their is legal resolution of an issue.

    Guilty people get off all the time for criminal actions ( except excon I guess) because of minor issues on warrants or testomony. I had a guy get off a few years ago because my report said he had white shoes on but he really had black ( did not matter that he was caught in the peoples house at the time and was handcuffed in their bathroom, since we wrote up the wrong color shoes, he walked free)

    In civil issues it is not right and wrong, ro fair, it is what can or can't be proven in court. The court may even know that one side should win, but if the proof is not in the form that can be used in court, it will not be considered.

    And yes cancelling hearings and court dates is one trick used to win, they try and keep doing that till you can't afford to keep coming or you miss one and they win by default. That is how the system works.

    I would say from what you have described, I may look for a meaner and more dirty fighting attorney.

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