My aunt passed away recently and left her house to us (six nieces and nephews) since she and my uncle had no children.

We are in the process of selling the house in Arkansas (we all live in Michigan) and are trying to deal with everything long distance.

The lady from the Title Insurance office said that we all have to sign off on the property, spouses included, in order to sell the house. This is fine. That's what we want to do.

She wants us all to sign a warranty deed instead of a quit claim deed. She said you would only use a quit claim deed if you are giving the property away, not selling it.
Is this true? We are all willing to sign off this and sell but we do not want to be liable years from now for anything regarding the property. Isn't a quit claim deed the safer route to go for the seller?

We have been dealing mostly with our real estate agent, and was a little surprised that the title insurance company would call us directly and not work through her.