I live in the state of virginia and have a verbal agreement with a guy who is renting out my spare room. I never had him sign a lease agreement. He is just a roommate. Now I want him to leave. He is behind on his rent. His dog uses my house as it's own toilet. I walk through my front door and slip in urine. It is discusting! My house smells bad now. Three weeks ago I wrote him a note stating that he needed to leave. Our arrangement is not working out. I have two different locks on my front door. He does not have a key to the dead bolt so I locked it on Sunday while I was gone so he could not get in. then on Monday I left him a message on his cell phone that he needed to let me know when he was paying his past due rent and that he needs to be out of the house by this weekend. He claims that he went to the police who state that I have to have a 'formal' legal eviction through the courts. But we have nothing on paper. I can't afford an attorney (hince why I have a roommate to help out with the bills) what can I do? Do I have to follow my states eviction laws since he is just a roommate? Any advise? I really want this guy out of my house.