As a new landlord, I developed my own tenant-landlord contract. I wanted the tenant to pay all utilties so I include a phrase that says,

"The tenant shall pay all utilities including, but not limited to electrical, telephone, gas and sewer."

I am also hooked up to a water meter (one of the few places in the neighbourhood. This is because the flat rate was an average based on property size. I have a large property with a small house. My neighbours live in mansions that go from property line to property line. My water meter saves $200 on the water and sewage/ year.

The problem is that my tenant was reluctant to pay the first water and sewage bill (it comes 4Xper year instead of anually). I showed the contract and they paid for it. I received the property annual utility bill that had the water, sewer and meter rental for the last 3 months ($45) and included trash disposal ($315) and city sewer ($50). They told me that they have never had to pay this before. The bill is in my name (as property owner).

So my question is, who pays? Your comments are welcomed.